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Hello, adventurers!

Our earlier tips article for the Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom game had general advice for new players. Today’s article is all about Link’s four new abilities: Fuse, Ultrahand, Ascend, and Recall.


我们之前为《塞尔达传说™》撰写的提示文章: 王国之泪》游戏的一般建议,为新玩家提供。今天的文章是关于林克的四个新能力: 余料建造、究极手、通天术、倒转乾坤。

Fuse 余料建造

What is it? 这是啥?

Use this ability to fuse items to your equipped weapon and shield (even your arrows!). For example, say you have a chunk of amber in your inventory. Just drop it to the ground and use Fuse to augment your sword or shield. This may increase your equipment stats, but that’s just scratching the surface. Depending on what you fuse together, your creation may take on fun new properties!


What kind of properties? 什么样的属性?

For example, fusing your shield with a hunk of amber will make it stronger… but it also makes your shield into a weapon (due to it being all sharp and pointy now). Likewise, fuse Keese Eyeballs to your arrows to make them homing arrows. Try out any crazy combo that comes to mind!


Any special tips? 有什么特别建议?

  • Don’t forget that you can fuse stuff to your equipment that’s already on the ground—you don’t have to put those items back in your inventory first. 不要忘了,你可以把已经在地上的东西融合到你的装备上–你不必先把这些东西放回你的库存中。
  • Monster horns are plentiful and can be solid additions to any weapon. Always keep a stash in your inventory. 怪物的角很丰富,可以成为任何武器的坚实补充。始终在你的库存中保持一个储藏室。
  • Don’t forget you can throw items in this game! It may be fun to fuse bomb arrows together, but you can also just throw the bomb flower instead. 不要忘记你可以在这个游戏中投掷物品! 将炸弹箭融合在一起可能很有趣,但你也可以直接扔炸弹花来代替。

Ultrahand 究极手

What is it? 这是啥?

The Ultrahand ability allows you to pick up an object, rotate it, and then attach it to other objects. These objects include Zonai devices that add interesting effects—like rockets that that can give your vehicle a boost. 超手能力允许你拿起一个物体,旋转它,然后把它连接到其他物体上。这些物体包括能增加有趣效果的佐奈装置,如能给你的车辆提供动力的火箭。

In this way, you can build all sorts of things. A boat with flamethrowers? Sure. Makeshift catapult? Why not? 通过这种方式,你可以建造各种各样的东西。一艘带喷火器的船?当然,临时的弹射器?为什么不呢?

Any special tips? 有什么特别建议?

  • Controlling Ultrahand will take some practice at first. When you move something around, you’ll see where two items will attach (the attach point kind of looks like green glue). Pay attention to these attach points and you’ll be building elaborate creations in no time. 控制究极手一开始需要一些练习。当你移动一些东西时,你会看到两个物品会连接在一起(连接点看起来像绿色胶水)。注意这些连接点,你很快就能建造出精致的作品。
  • If something didn’t attach correctly, highlight that specific part and gently wiggle your Right Stick to detach it. 如果有什么东西没有正确地连接起来,突出那个特定的部分,轻轻地摇动你的右摇杆就可以把它分开。
  • Some Zonai devices turn on when you smack them with a weapon—just be careful to hit the device and not the rest of your creation. For example, swinging an axe around on a wooden boat is not the best idea. 当你用武器打它们时,一些Zonai装置会打开–只要小心打到装置而不是你的作品的其他部分。例如,在木船上挥动斧头并不是最好的主意。

Ascend 通天术

What is it? 这是啥?

Use the Ascend ability to travel through ceilings and pop out the other side. Keep in mind that there are some limitations, such as the height of the ceiling above Link.


Any special tips? 有什么特别建议?

  • When you’re exploring a cave, don’t forget about Ascend! It allows for a quick exit when things get hairy. 当你在探索一个洞穴时,不要忘了使用通天术这个技能!当事情变得棘手时,它可以让你快速退出。
  • While ascending, you can tap the B Button to cancel the process and drop back down. Just do this before you pop out the other side. 在上升过程中,你可以点击B键来取消这个过程,然后回落。在你从另一边跳出来之前就可以这样做。
  • Ascend can be fun to use in battle as well! Look for high vantage points that you can use to get the drop on enemies or escape their attacks. 通天术在战斗中也是很有趣的!寻找高处的有利位置,让你的敌人在你身边!寻找高处的有利位置,你可以用它来对付敌人或逃避他们的攻击。

Recall 倒转乾坤

What is it? 这是啥?

Messing with the laws of time can be a good … time. Use Recall to rewind an object’s movement. The possibilities of this one may not be immediately apparent—so try using it on any object that moves to see what happens!


Any special tips? 有什么特别建议?

  • Use Recall to return projectiles to enemies that threw them at you. Talk about return to sender! 使用【倒转乾坤】将投射物还给向你投掷的敌人。退回发件人!
  • Recall is very handy for resetting the positions of platforms or vehicles—such as a boat that’s drifting away without you on it. 【倒转乾坤】对于重新设定平台或车辆的位置非常方便–比如一艘在漂移而且你想上去的船。
  • You can also Recall vehicles that you’re currently standing on. If your aircraft starts to veer to the right, reverse its movement to course correct. 你还可以“召回”你目前站在上面的车辆。如果你的飞机开始向右偏移,可以扭转它的运动方向来纠正。

That’s all for now—we hope these tips help you out! You can purchase the game at the link below.


最后修改日期: 2023-05-25