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MAY 17, 2023

The wait is over—the Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom game is finally here! There’s a lot to discover, and we want you to put your best boot forward when you set out in Hyrule.

Let’s start with a few important tips before you start playing. But don’t worry, we’ll stay away from any spoilers. Think of this article as a way to help get in the right mindset before playing.

Oh! And we’ll be bringing you more tips articles in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on the news feed.

等待已经结束–塞尔达传说™: 王国之泪》游戏终于来了! 有很多东西等着你去发现,我们希望当你在Hyrule出发时,你能把你最好的靴子放在前面。



Tip 1: Unlearn what you’ve learned


Yeah, this may sound like something you’d be told from a martial arts master, but hear us out. Whether you’ve played hundreds of hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or are brand new to the series, your experience level doesn’t really matter when it comes to this game.


While things you’ve done in previous games may still work, you have a wide variety of options in this sequel. Sure, you can still fight enemies with a stick … or you can fuse a boulder to your stick and jump on springboards to bonk enemies on the head. Sure, you can climb your way out of a hole … or you can use the Ascend ability to travel through the ceiling and get where you need to go.


Tip 2: Try everything


This game encourages you to try new things throughout. From traveling around Hyrule to solving puzzles, there are multiple ways to overcome problems you run into. The joy comes from trying out crazy ideas that end up working.


Oh, and if something isn’t working out the way you want, take a moment and try something else. Some players find joy in attempting a difficult jump over and over. Others would rather build a bridge. Experimentation is the heart of this game—even if a situation doesn’t go as expected, you may stumble upon something that will help you later.


Tip 3: Get some perspective


When you enter a new area, find a tall vantage point and scope out your surroundings. You’ll find all sorts of stuff—enemies, chests, materials, objects or terrain that will help in fights, and more. Believe us, it will be easier to do this before enemies spot you. Speaking of …


Tip 4: Prepare for fights beforehand


Look, you don’t have to do this—we’re (sometimes) fond of charging into the middle of things while screaming and wildly waving our arms too. But if you want to use the Fuse ability to make strong weapons or Ultrahand to build a makeshift missile turret, you may want to do that before Bokoblins are trying to smack you around. A little prep time can go a long way.


Tip 5: Use your words


This won’t work on enemies (at least the ones we’ve tried) but try talking to the more peaceful characters out there! In particular, characters called Constructs may give you helpful tips about the area.

这对敌人不起作用(至少是我们试过的那些),但可以试着和那些比较平和的角色交谈!特别是那些被称为 “建筑 “的角色可能会给你一些关于这个地区的有用的提示!特别是,被称为 “结构 “的人物可能会给你关于这个地区的有用提示。

Tip 6: Play it your way


OK, this is probably the most important tip. Sure, Link is the character in the game, but remember that you are the hero here. You are saving Hyrule. And you can do it how you want to! Play around with everything you get your hands on, because there’s room for massive creativity (and shenanigans) in this game.

好吧,这可能是最重要的提示。当然,林克是游戏中的人物,但记住你是这里的英雄。你正在拯救Hyrule。你可以按照自己的意愿来做! 玩弄你手中的一切,因为在这个游戏中有大量的创造力(和诡计)的空间。

With that said, don’t worry about not being “creative enough.” Everyone is creative on some level, and a part of creativity is giving yourself permission to try new things. We all play in different ways—messy ways, elaborate ways, unexpected ways, and silly ways that have no purpose other than to see what happens. Don’t worry about playing the game “the right way” because it’s up to you how you want to approach obstacles. If something works in the end, it’s a success. If it doesn’t, did you at least get a chuckle out of it?

说到这里,不要担心自己不够 “有创意”。每个人在某种程度上都有创造力,而创造力的一部分就是允许自己尝试新的东西。我们都以不同的方式进行游戏–混乱的方式、精心设计的方式、出乎意料的方式,以及除了看看会发生什么之外没有任何目的的愚蠢方式。不要担心以 “正确的方式 “玩游戏,因为你想如何处理障碍取决于你。如果某件事最后成功了,那就是成功了。如果没有,你是否至少从中得到了笑声?

Tip 7: Share the knowledge


And finally, creativity comes alive when you share what you know and get inspired by others. Talk to your friends to see what they’ve tried. Maybe find out what other people have done. You may be surprised what ends up inspiring you!


Alrighty, that’s all for now. Be on the lookout for our next tips article which will cover the four new abilities—Fuse, Ultrahand, Ascend, and Recall. You can also buy the game using the link below.


Have fun out there!


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